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Book Your Dream Vacation in Daytona Beach!

Imagine warm sun shining down on your face, sand between your toes, and crystal clear water a step away from where you lay. Sound like a dream vacation to you? If this sounds ideal to you, come to Daytona Beach, where the weather is beautiful and the water is warm.

All you hear lately on television is about the oil spill and how it is washing up on the beaches. That is hundreds of miles from the pristine beaches of Daytona Beach. Wouldn.t it be your dream vacation to be in the lap of luxury?

Countless movies and television series have used Daytona Beach as a backdrop. Do you know why that is? Because of the beauty and history of this fabulous place. After all, no Hollywood producer is going to spend millions to make a beach movie somewhere unappealing. Daytona Beach is one of those fantasy places like Cancun or Monte Carlo. But why does it have to be a fantasy? Turn your fantasy into a reality now.

The only oil around here is what we put in our cars, and we have some rather fast cars here at the Daytona International Speedway! Daytona Beach is also driving distance from many other wonderful adventures. Spend the day in Orlando, or go visit the Kennedy Space Center. Maybe you will be lucky enough to catch a launch!

Hotels in Daytona Beach are filling up quick! Many travelers are cancelling the plans they had to go to Florida.s Gulf Coast and are now coming to Daytona Beach. Do not miss out on your dream vacation. Go to Best Western Aku Tiki now to secure your room!

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