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Flying into Daytona Beach

If you are opting to fly to Daytona Beach, then chances are good that you will arrive at the Daytona International Airport. A relatively small airport, it is quite pleasant and easy to navigate. It's often possible to find some good deals on flights to Daytona Beach, but if you really want to compare prices to see what you can come up with, you can also entertain the option of flying into nearby Orlando. The Orlando International Airport is larger than the Daytona Beach International Airport, and as such, it accepts a greater number of flights. More flights generally equates to more competition, which means better overall prices for the consumer. It's only about an hour drive from Orlando to Daytona Beach, and you can hop on an inter-airport shuttle to get between the two airports if you aren't renting a car.

For some, it's worth paying a little extra to fly to Daytona Beach as opposed to Orlando. For starters, the airport is only about four miles from the beaches, so you can get from the airport to your beachfront hotel in no time. Right next door to the Daytona Beach Airport is the famous Daytona International Speedway! Finding deals when it comes to flights to Daytona Beach is always possible, so you don't have to fly to Orlando to save some money on rates.

Deciding when to go will have a lot to do with whether or not you will be able to secure cheap airfare to Daytona Beach. When top local events like the Daytona 500, the Coke Zero 400, Bike Week, and Biketoberfest are going on, getting a discount on your airfare when you fly to Daytona Beach will be more difficult. Booking a vacation package is always an option, even during the peak Daytona Beach travel periods, and more often than not, the average vacation package includes some sort of discount. You can include other things in your vacation package if you want, such as your accommodations, your car rental or local attractions. With all the things to do and see, regardless of how you get to Daytona Beach, you won't want to leave!

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