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Stay in a Seaside Hotel on Daytona Beach!

Planning your family trip to Daytona Beach? Debating getting a seaside hotel versus one a block or two away? Is a seaside hotel worth it?

In one word, yes, especially if you have children. Have you ever done a beach trip with children? You pack up the car with towels, toys, cooler with drinks and snacks, blankets, and chairs. You pile in the kids, drive to the beach and hope to find a parking space. You have to drag all the stuff and the children from the car, onto the beach. Once you find a spot on the beach, chances are you realize you forgot something. Hopefully it is not something too important. Many times, there is no parking near the beach, so you might as well walk the block or two from your hotel. with children, towels, toys, cooler, and more.

Do you really want to have to deal with any of that? With a seaside hotel you can avoid those problems. It is much simpler to be able to step out your door, jump in the elevator, and be on the beach. Forget something? Run back up to your room! Getting a little hungry? Grab a snack from the fridge in your room. Are your children getting cranky and tired? Take them back to the room for an hour or two nap and return to the beach when they wake up. Run out of suntan lotion? Go into the hotel gift shop for more.

When you plan your family trip to Daytona Beach, visit the Best Western Aku Tiki Inn to reserve your seaside hotel room to save yourself the frustration!

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